Increasing the power grid efficiency by using reliable real-time monitoring systems

We offer autonomous devices reporting reliable field data that operators require to optimize the use of overhead power lines in a dynamic and safe way, helping to make possible the implementation of strategies towards de-carbonization / net zero emissions in the energy transmission sector.

Monitoring systems designed to optimize grid performance and safety.


What we do


  • Reliable real-time sag determination for Dynamic line Rating. VIEW ARTICLE.

  • Sag/Clearance monitoring for safety.

  • Sag/clearance, conductor’s surface temperature and current real-time monitoring in power grid maintenance.


Relogable S.L. is a tech company founded in Spain. Since 2017, we focus on the development of cost-optimized IoT-based technology enabling real-time monitoring of power grids.

With our technology we help operators to maximize the exploitation of already-deployed infrastructures, accelerating the improvement of services in a sustainable and safe way while promoting de-carbonisation / net zero emission strategies.

They believe in us

350+ DLR-SAG devices already deployed and fully operative across Spain, in penninsular and insular regions.

Sag measurements validated against lidar / topography technologies.

Reliable as a
24 / 7 / 365 good topographer.